Katsukawa Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.

Heat exchanger manufacturer with a domestic market share of 30% or more

Things that are always needed even when the times change. For example, "heat"
There are always heating and cooling processes in the production lines of all industries.

Even if the flow of the times changes, it is a product that can meet the needs of the times, and the business performance is stable. Although we are a small company, we have direct dealings with large companies that everyone knows about their peculiarities. Most of the products needed for food, clothing and shelter are usually made in factories, and our products are used in the production line. By supporting all industries with our technology and products, we can take pride in what we are involved in.

Inquiries about recruitment

TEL : 072-967-2255

Recruiter: Vice President

WorkBusiness content

Building contractor(material management)

It is a business to procure the parts, materials, and members necessary for manufacturing heat exchangers. Since the final date has been set, it is necessary to manage it carefully so that there are no shortages of stock items or delays in procurement.
Please make arrangements with partners, price negotiations, and coordination between departments. This is the work that most affects the company's profits, so let's negotiate with superiority based on solid knowledge.
This is a business to confirm whether the ordered products are manufactured smoothly and accurately. We will check every corner of the finished product and if there is no problem, we will deliver it. It's a bold task and very detailed, so please control it as a whole.


Associate manager of building contractor
Joined the company in June 2013

Yuta Takahashi

What made you decide to join the company?

I have been playing soccer since I was a boy, and the representative of the school I belonged to was introduced to me as a rewarding company, so I decided to join the company.

Please tell us about the atmosphere in the workplace.

Depending on the department, we can separate herbivorous and carnivorous families, and we share each other's good points. At the year-end party and the New Year's party, it is fun and exciting together. It is an environment where every department can grow in stages. The boss of the engineering department is also a manager and it is difficult for me to directly convey my work experience, but if I am motivated, I think the speed of growth is fast. There is love in the rigors, and we will do our best to accept any questions.

Please tell us the memorable episode.

As a manufacturer, our company's engineering department is a control center that manages the materials and processes required to make products. For the manufacturing industry, material management and on-time process control have been taught as important operations that affect production, quality and profits. In addition, I am grateful that the negotiation and communication with our partner companies have strengthened our negotiation power.

Please tell us what you value in your work.

Although it is a department that often struggles with coordination and collaboration within the company, I feel rewarded when the products are shipped safely and are appreciated by customers and sales people. I feel that interacting with various departments enhances my human power.

Please give a message to job seekers.

Although it is a department that often struggles with coordination and collaboration within the company, I feel rewarded when the products are shipped safely and are appreciated by customers and sales people. I feel that interacting with various departments enhances my human power.

Inquiries about recruitment

TEL : 072-967-2255

Recruiter: Vice President


Complete social insurance, paid leave, retirement allowance system

Equipped with workmen's accident insurance, employment insurance, health insurance, and employee pension insurance.
A lump sum payment will be provided at the time of retirement (with internal regulations)
Paid leave system (as required by law)

Lunch subsidy

Half-price subsidy for lunch at the cafeteria (about 200 yen)
It is a large and clean cafeteria style dining room.

Company trip

Conducted once every two years. Expenses are funded by the Mutual Aid Association + Company assistance
Location is decided by employee survey

Full payment of transportation expenses

Full payment of the periodic fee from the nearest station of the residence to Yoshida Station (Kintetsu Keihanna Line) and Suminodo Station (JR Gakken Toshi Line)
From the station, you can commute to work on a company-rented bicycle.

MessageMessage from the representative

Human resources needed for the industry

Our greatest focus is on training engineers.
In a rapidly changing business society,
Technology is evolving faster than ever before.
In order to respond to that, we will change the idea based on conventional technology,
We need the power to create new things.
Technology can't be acquired overnight, so
It is important to create an environment that allows young people to pass on to veterans over time.
It will continue to be necessary for the times
We are committed to developing human resources.

Yoshikiyo Katsukawa, Representative Director

GuidelinesApplication Requirements

The recruitment job category Building contractor(material management)
Qualification [Required] Regular car license
[Good treatment] engineering work person with experience of an industry
Hiring category Full-time employee
Work place 5-2-32 Mizuhai, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka
Traffic access A 15-minute walk from Yoshida Station on the Kintetsu Keihanna Line
*Bicycle rental
Working hours 9:00~18:00
Break 1h
Holiday An annual holiday for 105 days
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, including work on designated days
Salary Monthly salary 200,000 to 500,000 yen
Bonus Yes (twice a year, basic salary for 2 months) * Depends on company performance
Other allowances Duties, roles, full-time work, family, retirement allowance, and other regulations
Welfare The company pays the uniforms and the training costs necessary for the work.
test period Yes (Period: 1 month)
Contract period, trial period Yes (Salary during trial period: 0 to 1 month according to our regulations)
Insurance Yes (labor accident, health, employment, pension, Nippon Life Group)
Transfer None

Entry formEntry form
Working conditions during the trial period: It depends on the type of job. During the trial period, the hourly wage and working conditions will be decided at the time of the interview in consideration of experience.

Full nameHave to
AgeHave to
Phone numberHave to
Current occupationHave to
Street addressHave to

Inquiries about recruitment

TEL : 072-967-2255

Recruiter: Vice President