Katsukawa Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd.

Heat exchanger manufacturer with a domestic market share of 30% or more

Things that are always needed even when the times change. For example, "heat"
There are always heating and cooling processes in the production lines of all industries.

Even if the flow of the times changes, it is a product that can meet the needs of the times, and the business performance is stable. Although we are a small company, we have direct dealings with large companies that everyone knows about their peculiarities. Most of the products needed for food, clothing and shelter are usually made in factories, and our products are used in the production line. By supporting all industries with our technology and products, we can take pride in what we are involved in.

List of recruited jobs

SalesFull-time employee

Sales staff for industrial heat exchangers (for drying/cooling equipment)

In daily life, the route sales that make use of the knowledge and technology that are the basis are the main.
Rest assured that we will teach you from scratch even if you are inexperienced by our own educational manual.
It is a rewarding job to increase the value of customer trust and confidence by experiencing various projects.

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ManufactureFull-time employee

Cultivate firmly

We are looking for manufacturing staff as our business expands. The specific work is manufacturing heat exchangers. Please operate various machine tools based on the drawings to complete the heat exchanger. Since the method of using the machine and the special processing method are not something you can learn immediately, please practice patiently with skilled senior employees. For inexperienced people, we will carefully teach the names of machines and tools, how to use them, etc. from the beginning according to our program. This is the best workplace for lovers of manufacturing, so please apply.

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Quality managementFull-time employee

Quality control is the most important task

We are looking for quality control staff as our business expands. The specific work content is a check of the manufacturing process and finished products. The heat exchangers we handle are used in various places. If you don't deliver the products according to the regulations, you may end up in trouble, and an industrial accident or production line may stop. If you make a mistake even once, the trust you have built up will collapse at once. It is important to make sure that such a thing never happens.

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Public works (material purchase)Full-time employee

Manager who smoothly promotes work

We are recruiting construction (material purchasing) staff as our business expands. Main tasks include securing materials and materials, coordination between departments, meetings and negotiations with cooperating companies, and schedule management. Various companies will be involved when setting up a new production line, so consultation and coordination are essential. In addition, our manufacturing department receives various projects, so if you forcibly process it, it may not be in time for delivery. It is also important to make a decent profit.

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BusinessFull-time employee

Welcome even if you have no clerical experience

We are looking for office workers as the business expands. The specific work contents include data entry using a personal computer, telephone correspondence, support of sales staff, document preparation, slip arrangement, etc. If you make a mistake in any work, it will inconvenience you, so you need to work carefully and swiftly. Of course, if you have no clerical experience, you can't do all the things and don't make a request, so please increase what you can do.

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